I do some recording too you know, mostly of things I’m in myself, but not always. Despite not really liking the mixing side of things, tracks I’ve recorded and mixed have been featured on BBC Radio 3 and BBC 6 Music.

If you feel like hiring me to record you, I’d probably like to do that, but have a listen to some things I’ve done first before you get in touch.

Solo guitar album from Jose Dias, out now on Clean Feed.

(mixed by Trevor Watts)

(mixed by Cath Roberts)

(mixed by Jason Woolley)

(mixed with Sam Andreae and Ben Cottrell)

(my brother Johnny’s group)

Also, as a learning curve for myself and others, I have made a few microphone comparisons, partly so I can justify having spent time and money on eBay buying mics I don’t need. If you want to have a listen for yourselves, please do so…

Sennheiser e609 vs. Superlux PRA-628 mkii
Kick Drum Test
SM57 vs PRA-628mkii vs D3600 vs M81