Dynamic shootout on guitar

A fourway mic shoot out between the Shure SM57, Superlux PRA-628 mkii, Beyerdynamic M81 and AKG D3600. Prompted by acquiring a pair of the M81′s from eBay, and beginning to find out what they’re like.

The guitars used were a Fender Mexican Nashville Deluxe Telecaster (with Rothwell Audio’s Hot Little Knob mod) and an Epiphany Zephyr Blues Deluxe with three P90 pickups. Both plugged directly into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp.

I got a bit carried away with different sounds, included moving the mics closer for a couple of takes, but hopefully this should give you an idea of the differences between them all.

Have a listen to the examples and then scroll down for the big reveal.



Mic 1 = Shure SM57
Mic 2 = Beyerdynamic M81
Mic 3 = Superlux PRA-628 mkii
Mic 4 = AKG D3600

Thanks for listening!