Here are links to some of the people and things that inspire me, in alphabetical order and updated as and when thing spring to mind.

Angela Guyton & Rodrigo Constanzo - I’ve played with them both in Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern for years, and I’ve not met a more creative and driven couple ever.  Always pushing me forward into the unknown, or rather, dragging me along with them.

Cath Robert’s Quadraceratops - Not only do they sound really good, but there’s seven of them, and they came all the way from London to Manchester to play at Sandbar for only their second ever gig.

Dave Birchall – for his guitar playing and his dedication to the experimental music scene, these days through running Tubers Music with Kelly and Pascal from Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.

Magic Hat Mix-Up – a truly eclectic monthly gig that laughs in the face of genre boundaries.  Good food.

Matthew Whitaker and Pebble – Matt is not only a great songwriter, but along with a host of friends (Sam Draper, James Lamond…), he runs a series of events called Pebble.  Sunday afternoon gigs for creative, experimental, sometimes down-right weird music.  Joyous.

Sam Andreae – co-conspirator in HAQ and Efpi Records.  His saxophone playing never ceases to amaze me, and many musicians could learn a lot from the organic way he’s incorporated electronics into his playing.