Most are available to buy/hear from my shop or by clicking on the titles.  Any questions then just ask.


‘Namazu’ – Ripsaw Catfish – CD Raw Tonk Records All improvised. All live. The second Catfish album, again on Colin Webster’s Raw Tonk label. “Things get weird almost immediately” said this review.


‘Triptych’ – Sloth Racket – CD Luminous Sloth Racket is Cath Roberts’ quintet, formed for a gig in Gateshead and never looked back. This reminds me of the fun we used to have playing in Haq. Some big riffs, some great angular melodies and a load of improvising with some incredible musicians.

‘The Spirit Farm’ – The Spirit Farm – CD Slam A totally improvised album, recorded in 2014 when Adam Fairhall convened a bunch of my favourite musicians for an improv summit. This record is our first meeting, and there have been more since. Christophe de Bezenac, Adam Fairhall, Johnny Hunter, Dave Kane, Corey Mwamba and me. Well chuffed I am.


‘All In’ – Beats & Pieces Big Band – CD Efpi Records The difficult second album following 2012′s Big Ideas. A step up in intensity and intent from Ben, some really strong writing, and some really difficult fast bits for me to play.


‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ – Ripsaw Catfish – CD Raw Tonk Records The first outing for this duo with Cath Roberts on baritone. Loads of improvising with some occasional riffs/melodies/textures written by Cath. This came at the end of a year of working together mostly behind closed doors and really shaped the sound and future of the duo.

‘The Hunt Is On’ – Beck Hunters – CD Discus Records Puntastic trio with Mick Beck on Johnny Hunter, all recorded by my own fair hands too. “The guitar sharpens from soft pedal swells to tightly twanging pings… it sounds like a miniature Art Ensemble at play.” Daniel Spicer, The Wire.


‘Anton Hunter Trio’ – Anton Hunter Trio – CD + Download. Debut trio release, all my own compositions.

‘Duets #1 – Hunted By Weather’ – first in a sporadic series of improvised duets, this time featuring fantastic Norwegian saxophonist Inge Weatherhead-Breistein.


‘Skamel’ – Skamel – CD + Download. Debut album from our jazz-dub-reggae-vibe.

‘Big Ideas’ – Beats & Pieces Big Band - CD + Download (Efpi Records) First full-length release from the band.


‘In Free Fall’ – HAQ : Remixed by Tullis Rennie – Download (Efpi Records) 3 tracks from ‘Walking Walking Falling’ totally reinvented by good friend and all-round tall person Tullis.

‘live @ band on the wall’ – Beats & Pieces Big Band - DVD + Download (Efpi Records)  Including my composition ‘Queen Spark’.

‘Walking Walking Falling’ – HAQ - CD + Download (Efpi Records)  Debut full-length release from the quartet I co-lead with Sam Andreae.


‘remixes ep’ – Beats & Pieces Big Band - Download (Efpi Records)  Reworkings of tracks from the band’s debut EP, by Tullis Rennie, Rodrigo Constanzo, Owain Roberts & Nick Walters.

‘I AM YOUR DENSITY’ – Rodrigo Constanzo - CD + Download (Noise Upstairs Records)  A piece for improvisers by Rodrigo, the CD comes with the graphic score.  Released on Noise Upstairs Records.


‘ep’ – Beats & Pieces Big Band – CD + Download (Efpi Records)  Now deleted 5-track debut release, all written by Ben Cottrell: bake, yafw, toan, djimi, broken.

‘EP. 1′ – HAQ - CD + Download (Efpi Records) First ever release on Efpi, still sounds great in my humble opinion.

‘Jew Point Owe’ – Rodrigo Constanzo - CD + Download (Concrete Moniker) A collection of Rodrigo’s acoustic and electronic compositions.  I play bass + acoustic guitar on a couple of tracks.

‘cottrell/findlay/hunter’ – Download (Concrete Moniker) Double-album, with one set of improvisations by myself, Ben Cottrell (sax) and Kate Findlay (cello), and another set of remixes of these tracks.

‘The Sans of Gilbert’ – Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern - CD/DVD + Download.  So far the only release by TSC.  Improvised music + painting.


‘findlay_hunter_rennie’ - Download (Concrete Moniker) Improvised release by myself, Kate Findlay (cello) and Tullis Rennie (laptop + trombone).