New releases

A couple of things to mention, hot on the heels of my trio album, there’s a couple of more danceable releases I’m involved in coming out on Monday.  First up is a Skamel remix EP, the first in a series which will eventually be compiled into a remix album once all the tracks from our album proper have been worked through.  It available for free download and features both of Nick Walters’ tunes, re-imagined by himself (Irie) and long-time collaborator Tullis Rennie (Nick’s Skank).  Check it out here, then come and watch us at a gig


And next is actually my debut track with Caulbearers, despite playing in the band for nearly two years now.  Dancefloor funk folk classic (or something, I’m not so good at words) ‘Hollow Bones’ coming out on the Jack To Phono label backed up by impressive remixes, including one from Mr. Nick Walters (remember him from the opening paragraph?).

Skamel – album & tour

Ladies and Gentlemen, the more observant amongst you will have noticed a bunch of Skamel dates on the gigs page.  Well, they make up our official Album Launch Tour (aka ‘The Tour That Broke Skamel’s Back’) and that means the album’s ready an all!

We’re really pleased with how it’s come out, massive thanks to Seadna McPhail at Airtight for recording and mixing our jazz/dub/reggae vibes so beautifully.  Paul O’Brian for his knowledge of the dark arts known as “mastering”.  And I’m really pleased we were able to work with one of my favourite artists, Angela Guyton, who’s designed the fantastic cover art (you might remember her from such covers as the HAQ album, and that other HAQ release…).

To have a listen to a couple of tracks and pre-order the whole thing, head over to our fancy new bandcamp page.  Or if you can’t wait till it’s out (Monday 29th October), then come down to catch us on tour, we’ve got plenty to flog you all (and it’ll be a tiny bit cheaper than online too…).

See you on the road!

Thursday 18th Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle 7pm, £FREE
Friday 19th Zeffirelli’s, Ambleside 7.30pm, £FREE
Saturday 20th The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh 11.30pm, £5/4
Tuesday 23rd Port Mahon, Oxford 8pm, £5
Wednesday 24th The Canteen, Bristol 9pm, £FREE
Thursday 25th HX7, Hebden Bridge 7.30pm, £12/9
Friday 26th The Yardbird, Birmingham 10pm, £FREE
Saturday 27th Matt & Phred’s, Manchester 8.30pm, £5