Article XI

“this high-level music’s human warmth can almost be touched” Nick Hasted, Jazzwise

(back row: Johnny Hunter – drums, Seth Bennett – bass, Richard Foote & Tullis Rennie – trombone. front row: me – guitar, Ollie Dover & Sam Andreae – alto sax, Simon Prince – flute & tenor sax, Cath Roberts – baritone sax, Nick Walters & Graham South – trumpet)

My eleven-piece band, originally commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival in 2014. All the music is written in conjunction with the musicians, I use recordings of them improvising as source material to be woven into the fabric of the music along with themes from myself.

“an impressive document of Hunter’s approach to composition and group improvisation… characterised by strong themes, inventive group playing [and] rich horn charts in the key of Ellington and Bley” Stewart Smith, The Wire

“Article XI recalls the joyous emancipatory fervor of Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra” AJ Dehany, London Jazz News

This website is a document of the double-bill tour we did with Cath Roberts’ group Favourite Animals in Dec 2017. It also shows just what you could get should you wish to book this unique double-header for your own jazz festival/concert/wedding/house party…

(Line-up on the album (2014), left-to-right: Nick Walters & Graham South – trumpet, Richard Foote & Seth Bennett – trombone, me – guitar, Johnny Hunter – drums, Cath Roberts – baritone sax, Eero Tikkanen – bass, Simon Prince – flute & tenor sax, Sam Andreae – tenor sax, Mette Rasmussen – alto sax)

“Hunter’s made a grand leap forward on Article XI.” Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Collective

“[Article XI] ties together disparate musical and thematic threads [wth] grand, sweeping charts and modal moods that nonetheless find ample room for individual voices to be heard” Daniel Spicer, The Wire

“There’s always the sense of a massive vision to this album, and it’s how Anton Hunter keeps the focus on the microcosm of the moment that cinches this recording as something special.” Bird is the Worm, Best of 2018 list

Article XI at the Lescar in Sheffield (by Tom Ward)

Article XI is proud to be a member of the Grands Formats European Network of large ensembles.