Some nice things that people have said about me.

On Article XI

“an impressive document of Hunter’s approach to composition and group improvisation… characterised by strong themes, inventive group playing [and] rich horn charts in the key of Ellington and Bley” Stewart Smith, The Wire

“If Frank Zappa had been co-musical director of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra then the results might have sounded something like Article XI. Think Carla Bley’s charts, Haden’s missionary passion and Zappa’s sudden shifts in direction.” Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“this high-level music’s human warmth can almost be touched” Nick Hasted, Jazzwise

“Hunter’s made a grand leap forward on Article XI.” Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Collective

“[Article XI] ties together disparate musical and thematic threads [wth] grand, sweeping charts and modal moods that nonetheless find ample room for individual voices to be heard” Daniel Spicer, The Wire

“Article XI recalls the joyous emancipatory fervor of Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra” AJ Dehany, London Jazz News

On the Anton Hunter Trio

“I love what they’re doing with time … there’s a great sensuality about the way they play” Kevin Le Gendre, Jazz on 3

“empathetic and appealing guitar trio minimalism over a pitter-patter pulse.” Mike Hobart, Financial Times

“… a fascinatingly alert trio with his brother, drummer Johnny Hunter, and bassist James Adolpho … Fans of Jonny Greenwood soundtracks will I’d hazard a guess warm to the subdued demeanour the trio projects. The improvising built around slowly enfolding melodies and subtle key changes is plugged into scampering rhythms and scintillating off beats … ‘Aire’, with its eery stillness, just another example of this fine trio’s very own particular and prevailing sound.”  Stephen Graham Marlbank

“The group strikes a good balance between compositional structure and improvisational freedom and the constantly evolving music consistently sustains the listener’s interest. The chemistry between the Hunter brothers is particularly engrossing.” Ian Mann The Jazz Mann

On solo playing

“A rich exploration of the many sounds a guitar can produce in the hands of someone willing to go beyond the confines of normality.” Paul Jones Tenuto Sempre

On the Beats & Pieces Big Band

“…kick-ass solos from all its players, including trumpeter Nick Walters, guitarist Anton Hunter and tenor saxophonist Ben Watte.” – John L. Walters The Guardian

“Gang camaraderie as well as talent meant young musicians can blossom here.  Notably  …  the atmospheric, effects-driven guitarist Anton Hunter” – Selwyn Harris Jazzwise

“signs of real writing talent in guitarist Anton Hunter; his spiky melodic style and heavy riffs reminiscent of John Zorn’s early downtown groups.” Chris Ackerley The Sound Of Now


“Funky, punky, angular sax/guitar-led modern jazz from this newly emerging group fronted by Stockholm-based reeds man Andreae they work through evolving textural washes and noir-ish folk moods through to full on skronk. Well worth a look.” Time Out (HAQ preview)

“Hunter’s “Pope” has an atmospheric, almost noirish feel courtesy of the composer’s sparse, evocative guitar chording  …  Andreae’s “Cacillia” is one of the most accessible pieces on the record with a strong melodic hook that provides the springboard for a blistering solo from Hunter.” Ian Mann The Jazz Mann

“HAQ music is free jazz with grunge textures, galvanised by  Hunter, the subversive of the group (responsible for the brooding tour de force Pope)” Mike Butler – Manchester Evening News/Dyverse Music