I have run workshops on a variety of topics, for a variety of age-ranges in a variety of places. Usually with a heavy focus on improvisation. I have delivered general workshops on: Introduction to Improvising, Large Group Improvising and Composing For Improvisers at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester Metropolitan University and Z-Arts. The PhD I’m currently working on is on composing for large groups of improvisers.

Some more specific workshops that are worth a mention:

Cobra – John Zorn’s classic game piece Cobra is a piece designed for improvisers. I have run workshops and performances of it in 2017 for The Noise Upstairs and the Merseyside Improvisers’ Orchestra. Ideally this would suit a series of workshops, as the piece can get very deep and complex if you learn it well enough. However, it’s possible to have a lot of fun with it after just a two hour session. I was first introduced to Cobra by Rodrigo Constanzo, and video evidence exists of this.

Echo Trace – in collaboration with The Owl Project and fellow improvisers Kelly Jayne-Jones and Dave Birchall, we ran a six week series of workshops in Withington Library, culminating in a performance at Manchester Central Library. The sessions were two hours long, with roughly an hour on instrument-building and an hour on improvisation, using a variety of games and exercises to engage the participants in different approaches to music-making and listening. The whole project was organised by Brighter Sounds (you can read their round up here. and later that year we reprised the approach for a series of workshops at FACT in Liverpool, working with age ranges from about 7 up to about 70.