Pedals, Pedals, Pedals (and pedals)

You might have noticed me banging on about pedals at some point recently.*

First of all there was the tentative first step on a road, surely, to YouTube stardom, in the form of this video talking everyone through the pedals I use in ‘time’ by Beats & Pieces Big Band:

Hot on the heels of this is the exciting (for me) news that this book has been published:

Written by Rob Thorpe, the book is essentially a guide to what pedal does what, how to combine effects, how to get certain classic tones and much more, including an interview with me about my pedalboard where I presumably talk way too much and have to get edited to make sense.

To continue the theme, I have a gig coming up on Wednesday where I shall exclusively be playing pedals (who needs a guitar right?). It’s the latest in a series of collaborations with the Vonnegut Collective, and the gig features Gemma Bass (violin), Gary Farr (trumpet) and Graham South (trumpet), all being processed by Norm Skipp (electronics) and myself on pedals. 8pm, Wednesday 6th March, tickets here.

(and pedals)
Oh, and where better to host a gig with such an abundance of pedals? A bike shop, of course.

That’s all for now folks, if you still want more pedals, here’s a video of me trying out a K.M.A. Astrospurt phaser that Rob lent me after doing the interview for his book.

*this opening sentence works whenever you are reading this.

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