Article XI Album Out Today!

Folks, it’s finally happened. The album we recorded live in 2014 is now out. It’s got hand-stitched (and then scanned in…) artwork by Angela Guyton, it was mixed by Alex Bonney, and it’s got a load of my favourite musicians on it. And these people like it…

“An album characterised by strong themes and inventive group playing” – The Wire
“Article XI recalls the joyous emancipatory fervor of Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra and its commitment to sending a message” – London Jazz News

But don’t take their highly respected word for it, have a listen yourself:

Saxophones: Sam Andreae (tenor), Simon Prince (tenor+flute), Mette Rasmussen (alto), Cath Roberts (baritone).
Trumpet: Graham South, Nick Walters.
Trombone: Seth Bennett, Richard Foote.
Guitar: Anton Hunter.
Bass: Eero Tikkanen.
Drums: Johnny Hunter

All compositions written by me with the band.