Large Ensemble Score – ‘LUME Kestrel’

Written for the debut performance of the LUMEkestra in November 2016.

There are 7 (subtly) different numbered parts, so ideally that would be the minimum number of pitched instruments, but I think it sounds better with more. The intention was to write something quiet for the 18 piece band of improvisers that Cath and Dee from LUME had assembled, thinking it would provide a nice moment of contrast for the set. Of course, I wasn’t the only one to have that idea! I was really happy with how it came out nonetheless, and in particular the blurriness that is achieved by not having set parts for set players, and having so many players.

Here’s a video of the first performance

And here are the parts:

LUME Kestrel Concert
LUME Kestrel Eb
LUME Kestrel Bb

And if you head to the LUME Youtube channel you can see Martin Pyne and Dave Kane’s pieces for the same group.

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