Ripsaw Catfish – London – 04/22/14

Ripsaw Catfish
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
7:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
10a Bradbury Street
London , UK N16 8JN
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Playing at a night of improvising duos hosted by Colin Webster. Looking forward to hearing everyone else, they're all excellent musicians so it should be ace!

7:30 £5

Ripsaw Catfish:
Ripsaw Catfish is a new collaboration between guitarist Anton Hunter (Beats And Pieces Big Band, HAQ, Anton Hunter Trio) and Cath Roberts on baritone sax (Quadraceratops). The Manchester and London-based duo started meeting in September 2013 to explore improvised and composed music, and whatever lies between those things. The music employs a collection of pre-composed elements which can then be drawn upon, or not, during the course of an improvisation. Sometimes one of these acts as a starting point that is then deconstructed; other times one or more might emerge from the music, or else they might be omitted in favour of a fully improvised piece.

Through free improvisation, Ti/om investigates the resonances and contrasts between the two players: Tom Ward on bass clarinet or flute, and Tim Fairhall on acoustic bass. The interplay between the two improvisers is considered from different angles, the result of which can be sprawling melodies, spontaneous grooves, brooding intensities, or more gestural, percussive playing. A cornerstone of Ti/om’s development as a unit has been the use of non-musical sources as starting points, in particular Japanese haiku written by zen monks on their deathbeds. The short-form poetry with its dense, distilled emotion and sense of place functions as an inspiration for improvised music with economy: an idea that has become almost a philosophy for Fairhall and Ward. Both the haikus and the two musicians share a love of the natural world, too, with the poets drawing metaphors from nature to convey the frailty of the human condition and the duo finding a connection in their fondness for ‘solitude in the wilderness’. A keen climber and mountain biker respectively, Tim and Tom would be planning a series of mountainside gigs were it not for the various logistical and acoustic challenges involved…

Colin Webster & Graham Dunning:
In the duo of Colin Webster and Graham Dunning, Colin improvises exploring a strict palette of minimal saxophone sounds, with an emphasis on breath and mechanical noises over "pure/natural" notes. No effects or external processing are applied to the saxophone sound. Graham uses cheap DJ turntables and dubplates of his own field recordings, avoiding scratch DJ techniques in favour of a palette of noise, hum, crackle, drone and scraping sounds. In parts he also plays the platter itself, the case and lid, and employs brushes, dentistry tools and pencils in sound making. The duo have recently released their debut album ‘Estigate’ on Linear Obsessional Recordings.

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