Saxophone Quartet – ‘TRS-Q’

I’m tentatively putting some scores on here for people to use as they see fit.  I’m going to start with a saxophone quartet piece, as it is the first thing I’ve written to be performed in my absence.

    About the piece:

Alto/Tenor/Tenor/Baritone piece, written during my MA Composition at Salford University. As with most of my composing, there’s a great deal of freedom for the individual players, making it a rarity in saxophone quartet music. It was inspired by my good friends Trio Riot, and has been performed by the esteemed Madwort Saxophone Quartet, and a version of it made it onto my trio album, but here is the original recording, performed by Sam Healey – alto sax, Simon Prince – tenor sax, Anthony Brown – tenor sax, Ben Watte – baritone sax. (Recorded Jan 6th 2012 at Salford Uni).


Download the concert score here

If there are any other of my tunes you would be interested in seeing the scores for, please do get in touch, or leave a comment below. Please let me know how you get on if you try playing it.

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