Oslo + Stavanger

Last week I got to visit Oslo for the first time, thanks to Oslo Jazz Festival and Fiona Talkington bringing Beats & Pieces back together with Norwegian band Ensemble Denada.  We were very lucky to have the chance to work together for three days, building on our London Jazz Festival gig from November to put together a show that I think worked even better this time, with more integration (for example, my ‘Jazzwalk’ became a duel with Jens Thoresen – he won).  The next day I was able to catch a fantastic lineup at the Blowout! festival, held at Cafe Mir and featuring Trio Riot’s Mette Rasmussen and a whole host of other phenomenal players.  Bizarrely enough I ran into improv-photo-journalist extraordinaire Andrew Newcombe, so he’ll have some better photos on his site soon no doubt.

After that I travelled to Stavanger to catch up with saxophonist Inge Breistein and further our “Hunted By Weather” duo.  I arrived on the Friday and was fortunate enough for his landlord to offer a lift to a small festival about 50 mins drive along the coast.  Great vibe, a wide mix of music, free home-brewed beer on tap and stunning views.  Over the weekend we hung out, caught up, played a bit, and talked about synthesisers a lot.


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