Some people have said nice things about me.

It’s true, they’ve even written it on their blogs!

First up, my trio album (available now from all good records shops that are called Bandcamp) got a nice mention on Stephen Graham’s Marlbank website, including such phrases as “a fascinatingly alert trio” and “eery stillness”.  But I won’t ruin the ending for you, you can read the whole thing here.

And then, Paul Jones reviewed our latest Freedom Principle gig on Thursday.  Featuring the incredible quartet Bagpipes For Pluto from Denmark/Italy/Norway/Finland as well as a improv solo from me (I stop short of saying “set” there as a look at Paul’s recording suggested I only playing for little over 8 minutes).  There’s a full write-up with recordings over here, and I do urge you to check out Bagpipes For Pluto, their set was really really good.

Here endeth the self-congratulatory blog post.