New Duet Release

This is the start of my new improvised Duets series. Intended to be a document of meetings between myself and a whole host of cool musicians, it’s going to be a mixture of brand-new collaborations and some of my favourite musicians I’ve already worked with.



Instalment one features Inge Weatherhead Breistein on tenor sax, recorded on his zoom recorder in Stavanger, Norway after we met on the Arena project I mentioned here and here.  We’re hoping to tour together at some point in the future, so if you choose to donate for this download you’ll be buying us a beer on the road.

Here’s a terrible photo of us…

Links page added

In a sickening display of brown-nosing, I’ve added a page of people and things that inspire me.  It’s up there ^ with the name “Inspiration” and I’ll keep adding to it as and when it feels appropriate.