Free Music?

No, for once I’m not talking about free-improvisation.  But rather this story that’s appeared online today that some professional musicians are being asked to play for free as part of the Olympics this summer.  Obviously this is quite a worrying state of affairs if it’s true, not least because of the fact that Arts Council money is being used for the Cultural Olympiad, and the Arts Council make a point of paying people properly for the work that they’re doing.

I’ve often been of the mindset that there is a time and a place to play for free, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I never did that (that’s a separate blog post I think…).  But there is a big difference between trying out new material in a pub in Manchester to friends and playing at the world’s biggest sporting event.

I’m sure there’s more to be revealed, not least a response from the Olympics Committee themselves, but in the meantime I would encourage people to respond in the same vein as this guy on Craigslist that did the rounds online last year…