Two New Releases

At totally different ends of the spectrum.

Out already is a compilation entitled “Crossovers“ on the Cronica label.  This is part of a project by Simon Whetham called Active Crossover as was recorded live last year as his exhibition toured the UK.  At the opening and closing nights, a series of musicians played improvised sets consisting of a solo-duo-solo, the “crossover” bits in the middle are what has been released here.  Mine is with electronic artist Igor Hax, recorded in Liverpool, June 2011.

And next up, out on Monday (12th) is the brand new debut album from the Beats & Pieces Big Band, entitled ‘Big Ideas‘.  We recorded it back in November in an intense three-day session with producer Tony Platt (he worked with Bob Marley!) in Livingston Studios (Bjork’s been there!), and it’s nice to see it reach the light of day.  We’re pretty excited as already it’s taking us all over the country on tour, and, more importantly, it sounds ace.