Unthanks Day 1

All this week I’m taking part in a residency at Band On The Wall lead by The Unthanks.  Today we all met each other (good fun) and played something for each other (terrifying).  It was particularly nerve-racking playing a) to a room full of musicians and b) by myself.  I was caught in two minds between whether to play something composed or something totally improvised, so went for a bit of a halfway house and wasn’t totally happy with the results, next time I’ll get the drum-sticks and comb out and go to town!  Everyone else sounds really good, I’m particularly jealous of the acoustic fingerpicking technique going on and there’s some great voices too.  Reassuringly, everyone else I spoke to was nervous too, so there’s some common ground there…

We got a briefing from Garth from Pied Piper about how we’re documenting the week.  All of us are encouraged to upload text/pictures/videos to the dedicated website they’ve created, so during the week you’ll be able to see exactly what’s been going on.  Speaking of which, we’re still to really find out how the week is going to work, it looks like it’s up to us to a certain extent.  Jeremy the producer was saying we’ll be working in small groups and deciding how things run ourselves.  Afterwards in the pub everyone seemed quite excited about collaborating, and wanting to try completely new things rather than just present existing work.  And Rachel Unthank said there’s one or two things they hope to get everyone playing together on, which should sound pretty epic I reckons!

Looking forward to getting stuck in tomorrow, will keep you posted as best I can, make sure you check out the website mentioned above, there’s nothing on it right now, but that’ll change tomorrow too.

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